A Chihuahua born with little to no chance of survival

Wheels was born with little to no chance of survival which was confirmed by several vets. When I took her home, she weighed a mere 6oz at 10 weeks. She was infested with worms, fleas, and mites. She had a heart murmur and no skull covering half of her head. I decided that I was going to give her every chance I could. She had major issues with eating and drinking. She refused both. The vet said she had “failure to thrive”. I syringe fed her around the clock but she continued to lose weight. She was so thin and skeletal and was clearly starving to death. The vet had no idea what to do. I found some better food for her and stepped up the number of times I was force feeding her a day and she gained some weight and managed to soldier on. She still wouldn’t eat or drink on her own and it clearly affected her general health and energy level.

This is when I was introduced to Nancy’s supplement. Wheels weighs in at one pound nine ounces full grown! I started adding it to Wheel’s food in small increments. After the first day on the supplement, I noticed Wheels seemed perkier and had much more energy. I was so shocked that something could work so fast! By day two, she was running when we went for walks which I had never seen her do before! I knew then, that something was definitely changing in her tiny little body! Later that day (DAY TWO OF THE SUPPLEMENT), the impossible happened! I literally couldn’t believe my eyes! My sweet little baby went voluntarily to her food bowl and for the FIRST TIME in her two years of life, began to eat voraciously from her food bowl ON HER OWN!!! I was in tears. I couldn’t believe this had happened and it had happened so fast!!! Thank you for giving the love of MY life HER life!!! She is so happy and full of energy now! I cannot wait to see what the future holds. She is more full of life and vigor with each passing day. THANK YOU!!

UPDATE: After a month of being on Nancy’s supplement, she is absolutely soaring! The changes are unbelievable and radical. Her energy has become boundless! The dog that used to hate walks, now requires at least two long walks a day if I want to have any hope of sleep at night! We have a mile long loop behind our house that she could only get about 1/16 around before the supplement. I had to carry her back. She is now making the FULL MILE…twice a day!! Remember that this dog weighs one pound nine ounces! That is a marathon for those tiny little legs. I have seen her chase her tail for the first time in two years and play with toys for the first time in her life! She runs excitedly to the kitchen as I am preparing her food. Her coat is so silky smooth and thick now. Most amazing, is the change in her head/skull malformation. She used to have a huge swollen bump on the left side of her head where no skull covered her brain. That area was always inflamed. After two weeks of taking the supplement, her brain swelling had decreased and has continued to decrease drastically! I have no words for how grateful I am. The love of MY life now has the chance for a long, active, happy, and healthy life. Thank you again! ! It is amazing what PROPER; scientifically balanced nutrition can do! I am thrilled beyond words and cannot wait to see what the future brings now that Wheels is STRONG!

--- Jewleebean

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