the Red and Tan Doberman suffering from stomach disorder, hot spots and showing destructive behavior

Vesta our 2-year-old Red and Tan Doberman and Nancy’s formula saved our sanity! I really needed to fill the void in my heart after losing Bailey. She  has filled it completely!

Right from the start, we knew she was going to be the sweetest dog. She was a healthy eater and never had any problems with the food she was on. When she hit about 6 months of age all of that changed. Vesta became a little bit destructive, tearing up things outside (screens off the windows for example) and licking her feet so much she had horrible, knotted hot spots all over the place. She also developed severe diarrhea and would have accidents in the house. Most nights she would wake me and my husband up, sometimes 5 times a night, to go out to potty. We would take her to the vet and they would say, “Oh she has food allergies, try __X___ dog food.” Well, we went through about 5 different types of dog food and nothing worked; special diets from the vet, all-natural foods, venison, duck, rice and potato, fish and potato, etc. They all cost a fortune! Each time, we would go back to the vet, telling them that the food changes were not working. Each time, they would insist that it was food allergies. We even started cooking chicken breasts and rice for her. That did not work either!

I trusted the vet because they had been so great when Bailey was ill, but I was starting to wonder if there was something else going on, other than a food allergy. So, I basically quit taking Vesta to the vet. I decided that it was just something she was going to have for the rest of her life and we would have to learn to deal with it the best we could.

One of the times I left Vesta for a long weekend, I came back to find that she was put on antibiotics and a special dog food. I asked that the vet call me the next day to explain everything. He said that he had a dog with similar problems. He also said that he could really help Vesta and he did not think it was a food allergy at all. He asked for the opportunity to treat her and I decided to give it a shot.

So, we took her to see him. He thought she had an overgrowth of bad bacteria in her guts, all made worse by anxiety, and that treatment with probiotics or “good bugs” as he called them, antibiotics, a specialized dog food, and Nancy’s formula would help.

Well, it took quite a while, but sure enough things started to get better and she eventually did not have to take daily antibiotics. Every day she had a regimen of dog food, Nancy’s Superfoods Supplement and the “good bugs” stuff. The hot spots started to go away, she started having more normal stools, and she was not being destructive.

Fast forward to today, Vesta is about 2 1/2 years old, she has normal stools, sleeps through the night, her coat is shiny and soft, she sheds less, and no more hot spots! I really do think that Nancy’s formula played a huge part in getting her better and I am so thankful that the veterinarian put her on it.

So, thank you to Nancy, because without you I do think Vesta would still have a lot of problems (and my husband and I would still be getting 4 hours of sleep a night!).

--- Apex, NC

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