Diagnosed with Lymphoma, AFTER your supplement: sleeping better, less thirsty, happier, quality of life improved.

Tippy was diagnosed with lymphoma on June 25 and given Elspar as an initial treatment.  She did not respond well.  Her breathing was labored, and she was miserable for about 3-4 days.  Her suffering showed me that we could not put her through a full chemo regimen, even though I was greedy for more time with my girl. Without chemo, her prognosis was 1-2 months, or 2-4 months on prednisone only.  

I decided to explore alternative therapies with my vet to see what else could be done.  Tippy is taking prednisone, 2 Chinese herbal medicines, power mushrooms, and your supplement (which I started on July 3).  She is receiving acupuncture as well. Based on your feedback, I have also started preparing all of Tippy's food.  I am cooking lots of organic veggies and lean meats with bone broth in the slow cooker and pureeing the combination.

Prior to starting your supplement and implementing a whole food diet, Tippy was struggling with diarrhea and continuing to drink lots of water.  Our vet deferred starting the second herbal supplement for 3 weeks to give time for her diarrhea to resolve.  However, with the changes (your supplement and whole food diet), the digestive issues resolved over the weekend, and I started the second Chinese herbal supplement 2 weeks early.

Within one week of initiating the supplement (and other changes), I have observed that she is breathing and sleeping better.  She is no longer guzzling water (which was one of our first signs something was wrong); she still has accidents in the house.  We have to take her out quite a bit, but that's okay.  Her eyes are bright, and her personality seems so much happier.  She does nosework, and this weekend she felt well enough to do 3 fun searches at home!  She has not had the energy or focus to be able to do that for over a month.

I am so hopeful that we will beat the 2-4 month prediction.  At a minimum, the quality of her life and well-being have improved significantly in 1 week.

Hope this helps others!


Follow up on Tippy:

Yes!  They all love the supplement . Tippy gained some weight she had lost from cancer, had energy, and had a great attitude to the very end.  We definitely had quality time together with your supplement. Thank you for your kindness always checking in with us. 

After Tippy’s cancer, I am really focusing on prevention for my others! See my newest family member, Fiona, now on your supplement. Thank you, Nancy. 

--- Heather Kane

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