A Coonhound, branded and starved with three infections

“I named him Chance because I knew your supplement was his last “chance” to live. Thank you for donating it for him.” – Tiffany

Earlier today when we drove by a construction site, we saw a skinny, limping dog laying in a nearby ditch. Thinking he had been hit by a car, we pulled over to evaluate the situation. This skinny, tick infested sweetheart of a dog crawled over to us. He was severely underweight, dehydrated, had been branded initials on his back leg, his ears were oozing pus, and he had a bad limp. We put him in the car and rushed him to our vet tech. I took a few quick pictures of his condition when we found him and the site where he was found. NO ID, just the brand. He was weak from dehydration, worm infestation, and covered in parasites from ear mites, to huge ticks and thousands of fleas. He was lying in the grass ditch, too hot and tired to go any further. We picked him up last night. He is NOT doing well, and may have pneumonia. 

He is so sick his skin is literally infected, he has a terrible ear infection, he is very underweight and he needs serious help. We don’t know if he will make it, but I know your supplement is his best chance. Here are some pictures of him today and last night. I know your supplement will save him! 

24 HOURS LATER: I have had Chance less than 24 hrs. He was very hungry and dehydrated. We have fixed that part. He has been dewormed, because he had a major hookworm infestation which can easily kill a dog. His ears are so infected from ear mites, (VERY easily treated and preventable) that he literally had puss coming out in clumps. Right now, he is in a quarantine kennel. I sat with him for about an hour tonight, talking with him and trying to understand how someone could neglect him so badly. Even in between the pads of his feet his skin is pussy & infected, like he has been kept in a dirty moist environment. He loved the attention and laid his head on my lap like he was relieved to be given a little love…. finally.

THREE WEEKS LATER: I have titled the updates for Chance. I took the picture in the same area, as I thought it would be easier for people to see he was the SAME dog, and how he has improved. Chance is doing amazingly well. He has been on the supplement for 3 weeks, and EVERYTHING about him has changed: his coat, his personality, his energy level, his mobility, any and all bodily infections. He is now 73 lbs of Jumping, Playing, and Running Joy! 

His coat is now much shinier! When I first got him, he shed uncontrollably, probably due to malnutrition. Today his coat is glossy, and he hardly sheds. He smells good and actually retains a fresh, non-oily smell like when he first arrived. His personality is a 360 shift from the day he showed up. He has gone from a shy, weak, unconfident dog, to a happy animal who FEELS GOOD and likes to show it. He is such a goofy hound who is always bouncing and jumping. He NEVER tires anymore and I think I could walk and run for hours without stopping. He loves to go for walks in the mountains and I let him pull me up the hills. His tail is always wagging and ready to explore! The energy in that dog is something I would have NEVER expected out of him. He went from the weak, sickly dog who couldn’t walk 5 minutes without collapsing… to the energizer bunny. 

The vet said he had arthritis in his left front paw from when he broke it and never got medical care. When we first got him, he would put little to no weight on it. Today he runs, walks, jumps, bounces and swims and shows no sign of pain or arthritis. He has been on NO pain medications, etc. that would have changed this. He has loved the supplement, and its clear that it doesn’t just taste good, it makes him feel good.

UPDATE: This Wednesday Chance was supposed to have ear surgery because of a recurring infection. When we took him in, his ears were bad. Now, his ears are almost healed. He now perks up his ears and holds his head high which he never did from pain. The infection that was under the pads of his feet has also completely gone. He also had an infection on his neck that was raw and inflamed. This is also completely healed and most of his hair has grown back. 

Chance is doing incredible, and I can say 75% of it is because of the supplement. It is so wonderful to have such a simple to use, all in one, tasty solution to such a variety of problems he had. Food, love and a clean environment have given him hope… but the supplement has given him…. life. Thank you so much! 

--- Tiffany J. - NC

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