Dog Testimonials

Below are some of the testimonials our wonderful clients have sent in about their dogs.  You can view details by clicking on the link to read more.


Arthritic 13 yr old dog now flying
Bella at 13 years was having mobility and navigational joint and hip issues. After a few weeks in the Superfoods Pet Supplement — look at her results.
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A Chihuahua with a nervous disposition
I got great results and found that she became energized and even wanted to play with me for the first time in years!  She gained her spunk back and I started seeing her personality that I had fallen in love with many years ago. That was enough for me to become a believer and I use the product now twice a day.
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A Senior Shepard
Vet was amazed and said just keep doing what I am doing which is your supplement twice a day!
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Rocket and Max

A Golden Labrador and A Doberman/Shepherd Mix, both post op and aging
I am convinced the Superfoods Supplement plays a big part in their continuing quality senior life.
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A Lethargic 10-Year-Old Rhodesian Ridgeback
After a few weeks on your supplement he had a happier mood about him and definitely more energy.
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A Blue Pitbull who was a Victim of Animal Cruelty
his boy is smiling and happy and we know for sure a lot of that is due to the terrific healing ingredients in Nancy’s Supplement! Thank you so much for supplying Windsor with this wonderful product.
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A Coonhound, branded and starved with three infections
Chance is doing incredible, and I can say 75% of it is because of the supplement. It is so wonderful to have such a simple to use, all in one, tasty solution to such a variety of problems he had.
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a 13-year-old Chihuahua with severe Arthritis and Tumors
I have no doubt that your supplement saved her life. She’s having the life she never had as a pup. I’ll be a customer for life.
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A Chihuahua born with little to no chance of survival
Later that day (DAY TWO OF THE SUPPLEMENT), the impossible happened! I literally couldn’t believe my eyes! My sweet little baby went voluntarily to her food bowl and for the FIRST TIME in her two years of life, began to eat voraciously from her food bowl ON HER OWN!!! I was in tears.
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A dog suffering from hot spots
My pet companion “CoCo” has made tremendous progress in just 14 days after beginning your Superfoods Supplement.
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a Border Collie who wanted a coat she could be proud of
The Superfoods Supplement has played a part because of contributing to her overall health and balanced nutrition, boosting her immune system, and she is just feeling great now.
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A dog with rawness and irritation on his back and tail
After using your Superfoods Supplement, Doc has had improvement on the biting and gnawing of his back and tail.
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a Staffy-Boxer with skin bumps
Thank you for fulfilling your dream and bringing your life changing product to market. It works!
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The Sheltie also had problems with the consistency and quality of her coat
Now she is going back to Shaded Sable, which is where she is supposed to be, in just 2-3 weeks on your supplement, which is a huge difference.
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Black Lab

7-year-old with Extreme Dandruff and Chronic Cough
You’ve never let me down for over 15 years in my pet family. Thank you, Nancy!
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Golden Retriever with Skin Allergies
After the first week the “cold” (drainage) in his eyes had been cleared up and he was acting much livelier and like his old self.  He continued to improve in appearance, mood, and general health.
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A Sheltie with a dry and pale coat began Superfoods Supplement
Holland looks completely different – no longer dry, much richer colors, shiny, more hair growth. And his body looks strong and muscular. His skin looks much better
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Maltese with Flaky skin began using Superfoods Supplement
Within 2-3 weeks, the flakiness stopped and his skin dryness and flaking ceased.
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The testimonials are experiences of years of satisfied customers on their use of the product. They are not claims or promises. Feel free to show your physician or veterinarian the ingredients and explanation of each product on this website and on the bottle. Each natural ingredient can be researched as a consumer.