Lizzie and Buckley

A Senior German Shepherd With Arthritis, and Buckley

I wanted to send you this testimonial to say thank you for helping keep my dogs Lizzie and Buckley healthy. Lizzy is a 14-year-old German Shepherd with some arthritis in her back legs and her hips, as shepherds are prone to have. Almost 3 years ago, we started with your supplement in our food and she has increased her stamina and her ability to move 10-fold without having to take any kind of medication that would endanger the rest of her health.

Oddly, she got tired of her food so I changed foods and left supplement off.  I watched her health degenerate into almost nothing where she struggled to get up, she wasn’t recovering from her injury and she wasn’t happy – she was listless.  I again changed her food and put the supplement back in and it’s been amazing. It took literally maybe 48 hours for her to recover.  She's feeling wonderful and happy and moving just fine again.  I don’t let my dogs go without it no matter how picky they are about their food.

It has truly made a difference in their lives. It has kept Lizzy healthy. We just had her 14-year-old checkup her heart is in great condition; her blood work came back all within regular limits even for older dogs. The vet said they were amazed and how well and in such good shape she was in.

So, thank you for taking the time to create this and doing everything that you do to keep our pets well.

LIZZIE, updates September 2020:

I wanted to share an update of Lizzie with you

My dear Liz is at home with just palliative care, technically doggy hospice. She probably has tumors in her sinus cavity and her lungs and she’s struggling to breathe but the amazing thing is that our heart is strong and everything else and her blood work is amazing and that’s because of your supplement, Nancy. She is a 14 and 1/2-year-old German Shepherd which is unheard of in these times so you helped prolong her life and to make sure she had quality of life and that means everything to me. I want to thank you for your amazing product and how much you have helped care for my precious girl. Thank you.

--- Wendy - Raleigh, NC

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