Products for People: Mighty Relief™

A Natural, Soothing, Topical Rub "A cutting Edge product, so versatile..."

- nancy Seymour

Mighty Relief™ is a topical, versatile product that helps your entire family with life’s “sore” moments. Children to seniors, athletes to hobbyists, safe, easy, fast acting! Rub on affected area. See our testimonials: insect bites, muscular/joints, head discomfort, sunburn, minor rashes/skin irritations, strain/sprains, cramping. Read array of herbs and aloe to see why and how it soothes and brings relief…Just Relief.
Available in three convenient sizes!
2 oz., 4 oz and 8 oz - travel, work, gym bag or gift sized soft squeeze bottle.

What it is!

Mighty Relief™ is a natural topical rub that I have worked with for over 22 years. I have reformulated it several times, always improving results, and now bring the best of the best ingredients to you and your family. It is very effective as each ingredient historically has been used to soothe minor insect bites, sunburn, minor rashes from plants like poison ivy or oak, sports injuries or stresses like shin splints, minor strains or sprains.

Customers rave about their successful experience on muscular and joint issues, allergy issues, head discomfort, minor cramping, and body stiffness, often without using or with reducing numbers of analgesics.

It’s an option with cutting edge ingredients safe for children to seniors. It’s safe, effective, and a work-horse of a product. See what customers have said in the testimonials. It’s relief…..Just Relief.

How to use

Mighty Relief™

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Sinus or allergy congestion: Relief can be experienced by rubbing a small amount in your hands and cup over your nose and inhale 5 to 6 deep breaths. Your eyes might water and your nose may run as mucous begins to loosen and inflammation begins to reduce. The pleasant plant menthol herbal aroma is completely gone in 20 minutes… time it and see for yourself.your eyes and nose will run as sinus area opens.
Headaches: Many customers find stress or sinus headache relief by rubbing gel across forehead, temples, on cheekbones avoiding eye area, and then at base of neck. The same cupping of hands and deep breaths are very effective. Migraine customers apply at first onset trigger and reapply every hour for 3-5 times total.
Joint and Muscular Discomfort and Arthritis: Customers with joint issues in a toe or knee or elbow find relief by rubbing it all around the affected area front, sides, and back. This includes sports injuries, sprains, strained muscles, shin splints, and neck stiffness. Many customers find they can use this first before over the counter analgesics. Reapply as needed.

Menstrual Cramps: Rub gel pelvic bone to pelvic bone and stomach area. A heating pad can be set on low and safely used. Cover area with layer of clothing or cloth.

Minor Skin Rashes and Minor Insect Bites or Minor Sunburn: Customers love the cooling effect and reducing the sting or itch or heat from sunburn factor. Rub as soon as possible over entire affected area. Repeat as needed. If condition persists or worsens, seek medical assistance. NOTE: If the person has scratched the area and broken the skin, there maybe a minor stinging lasting only 10 seconds as the alcohol cools the skin and is the carrier of the ingredients. Serious sunburn or potential poisonous insect bites should see physician.
Leg or Muscle Cramping or a Charlie Horse or toe/foot cramping: Immediately generously apply on entire cramping muscle area and walk around the room. Reapply as needed.