My pet companion “CoCo” has made tremendous progress in just 14 days after beginning your Superfoods Supplement. Her energy and disposition are noticeably improved, and I’ve received comments not only from my family, but two of my close neighbors and some of my friends.  My next-door neighbor asked me today what I did to improve her coat. She has had a shedding problem with thin hair in many places for the last 2-3 years. The bare spots are filling in and her coat has the shine of a healthy pet. It was amazing for me to see the results.


We just got home from the groomer, Deena. Here is a quote: “I am amazed that Lacey grew her coat so completely and so early, but the coat she has is gorgeous, healthy, black, shiny.” Lacy was a healthy pup when I brought her home. Lacey is more able to focus, be calm, not go off the deep end wiggling and wagging and pulling so much. She is still enthusiastic but it is more controlled.  Part of that is my work with her but I think the Superfoods Supplement has played a part because of contributing to her overall health and balanced nutrition, boosting her immune system, and she is just feeling great now.


After using your Superfoods Supplement, Doc has had improvement on the biting and gnawing of his back and tail. The rawness has gone down and the licking has decreased greatly. Hopefully by the end of the month, he will be totally improved.


I just wanted to tell you that Reggie came to us with some bumps that we weren’t sure of. They were raised enough to be noticeable through his fur. They itched because he would bite at them. They were getting worse and I was concerned they might be cancerous. About 4-5 days ago I started giving him your Superfoods Supplement and I noticed today he hasn’t been itching. I felt where the bumps were and they were gone! Thank you for fulfilling your dream and bringing your life changing product to market. It works!


Shea is doing just great and it won’t be long until I’m sure we will see an improvement in her coat as well. She had turned a strange shade of gray from shaded sable when she was on the vet’s enzymes and she had no undercoat at all.  But many of the other problems were solved using the enzymes and now we'll just build her back up with your Superfoods Supplement.  In the past, when her body was not processing the nutrients before the enzymes, she had multiple yeast infections but she has turned the corner now.  Now she is going back to Shaded Sable, which is where she is supposed to be, in just 2-3 weeks on your supplement, which is a huge difference.

Black Lab

I agreed to foster a purebred 7-year-old stunning black lab as I just lost my old English Sheepdog. He was sweet and calm yet his coast was dull, coarse, and extreme dandruff. His energy level was also really low. I began the Superfoods Pet Supplement as I’ve been a loyal customer for many years. After he developed a chronic cough, the vet revealed he had kennel cough. He was put on antibiotics and I upped his serving size of Nancy’s supplement. I have my own rescue pet who was exposed to the kennel cough. In fact after checking her vet record she was 6 weeks late on getting her Bordetella. So, she was vaccinated and I increased your supplement serving size as well.  Her immune system is so strong, she has not developed kennel cough.

Within a week you could tell the lab was feeling so much better as his eyes began to sparkle and he became more playful. Of course, the antibiotics were certainly helping, yet his coat after 3 weeks on your supplement was sift and so shiny and all dandruff was gone. Look at his picture on the sofa to show the coat and skin transformation. I was feeding good food for this time yet as a RN, I attribute his speedy recovery and coat to boosting his immune with your pet supplement.

I also have a friend who tried it on my recommendation and her bulldogs adore it. In fact, she said they object when it’s accidentally left off. She’ll have her own testimonial soon.

You’ve never let me down for over 15 years in my pet family. Thank you, Nancy!


My dogs are doing very well on Nancy's Superfoods Supplement. Rowdy (3-year-old Male Golden Retriever) has improved significantly since getting on the Superfoods Supplement. I didn’t take pictures of him to begin with because he looked too bad (I didn’t want to remember him that way) with almost total loss of hair and “hot spots” on his back and tail.  He had literally chewed himself raw from a combination of fleas, anxiety and skin allergy. It was amazing how fast he went downhill after a week in just a week or so in the hot weather and flea onslaught.  He is now doing much better.

Before condition: Sad depressed miserable demeanor – very unlike his normal personality. He had raw meat and scabs where he had been chewing his tail, legs, back, and behind.  He had a very sick look, with congestion in his eyes.  He was losing weight rapidly and had frequent diarrhea.

The treatment: I started adding the Superfoods Supplement per your instruction to his meals twice a day and worked up to full dosage.  I also took strong measures against the fleas by cutting his hair (very splotchy anyway), treating him with external flea shampoo and powder, removing old bedding and replacing with new, and treating the house and yard for fleas.  I also started keeping him inside during the hot weather except to take him out for exercise and his “personal business”.

The result: we started to see improvement in his skin and coat within the first few days. Though I considered taking him to the vet for cortisone shots for his skin allergy, I refrained to see how the Superfoods Supplement would help. His hair started growing back thick and healthier looking.  After the first week the “cold” (drainage) in his eyes had been cleared up and he was acting much livelier and like his old self.  He continued to improve in appearance, mood, and general health. I am convinced that the Superfoods Supplement played a significant part of his overall improvement.

As an aside, I was concerned at first whether he would like the taste of the Superfoods Supplement. As it turned out he loved it. I always had trouble getting him and Michelle (Shepherd mix) to eat dry dog food. Just their measured amount twice a day in meals and stirred apparently made it a lot tastier – as they readily ate with the Superfoods Supplement on there.


Holland looks completely different – no longer dry, much richer colors, shiny, more hair growth. And his body looks strong and muscular. His skin looks much better. He has gained weight. That is the change in one month. Another thing I have noticed is a change in attitude.

We have fed a top-quality dog food and only managed to put one pound of weight on him. We had noticed that he seemed itchy, scratching frequently and tearing out what was left of his coat. I was adding fish oil to his food and a dollop of yogurt. His skin was pink, too pink. But the vet could not put a finger on a condition. The groomer thought his skin looked basically healthy and thought he had a genetically deficient coat.

I have trouble taking no for an answer. A couple weeks ago I bought the Superfoods Supplement. Holland gets a teaspoon in his breakfast and again in his dinner. This week he saw both the groomer and the vet. Both commented on his size – taller and heavier looking – and his coat, darker and thicker and shinier. None of my heroic efforts at nutrition were able to accomplish this change, which I had been watching for and praying for. The only variant here was the nutritional supplement. Holland certainly looks like a different dog. It will be interesting to look for any other changes that may still occur, like stamina while running and playing. This supplement was not something I searched out. It was handed to me at the Cesar Millan seminar. I took the literature home and thought carefully about it before ordering. I wish I had ordered immediately.


Hi Nancy:

Thank you for your interest in my quest! I have been meaning to tell you how happy we were with the results found in adding your supplements to our dogs' daily food routine. My Maltese, Eliot, had suffered with flaky skin for quite some time and we tried changing his diet by eliminating grains, chicken, etc., but truly did not see results until we added your herbal supplements to his diet. Within 2-3 weeks, the flakiness stopped and his skin dryness and flaking ceased. We continued using your product and the condition never returned. I wish you much success in your new venture and believe your product will make many pets happy!

Thanks again



Your new supplement is a game changer. Here’s my lab, Conrad . Exhausted and happy. Needs a bath yet look at his coat shine. Your supplement!