Dr. Brett Hightower

As a chiropractor I am often asked about which topical pain relief pain relieving gel I find most effective.  I respond that I also factor ingredients and manufacturing into the equation and that leads me to recommend Just Relief.

I have seen it work wonders over the years and my patients love it.

I recently brushed up against poi sumac and had an itchy rash over my back and torso.  It was terrible but I decided to see if Just Relief would work for itching.  To my delight it worked like a charm!  An unbearable itch became bearable.

I love this product and I love that it is manufactured with quality ingredients in an exacting process right here in the United States!

I urge my patients and I urge you to give this remarkable product a try!

Dr. Cara Davis

 Just Relief is what gets me through my day.  All my aches and pains respond beautifully to it.  I have used everything prescription and over the counter.  I am more than pleased to get to share this wonderful product with my patients.

Dr. Gary Grueber

Just wanted to say that Just Relief has been great for patients.  It provides tons of pain relief and is non-sticky as well.

A great product!