I am an RN who does counseling and is often on my feet all day. Recently , I awoke with aching arch cramping. I had to jump out of bed; the pain was so intense.  I knew my Just Relief would help as I jog and hike and it takes care of so many sore muscles.  I applied all over the bottom and sides of my foot. Within 2 minutes the cramping was gone.  I went back to sleep, yet when I awoke, I could feel a muscle spasm in my lower back again from my line of work and standing so much. Back to my bottle of Just Relief generously across my lower back. I have used JR for arch cramps in foot, quick relief and for muscle spasm in back I’ve had over 2 days.  I used 3 applications and both are completely gone.  I continued my morning of walking my dog, breakfast, shower and off to work.  Thank you, Just Relief, I’m a lifelong customer at work and home and play.


Just Relief is one item my husband, James, and I never let run out!  It is excellent for arthritis, pulled muscles, or a sinus headache.  This rub is safe – no side effects, works fast, and only a tiny amount is needed – you just rub it in for relief!

Wendy M.

Just Relief! What an amazing product.  I am a very active 63-year-old female who has been exercising my whole life. I am a runner, lift weights 2X a week and do yoga. I have never found anything that will relieve muscle aches and soreness like Just Relief. My massage therapist had me try it and I quickly became a fan. My husband is now a user too! It’s the best Christmas Stocking Stuffer you can buy. Your active friends will thank you!


I haven’t been bothered with Charlie Horses in years—not since my pregnancy days. Last night I awoke in excruciating pain from a Charlie Horse. The pain eased enough for me to go back to sleep. This morning, upon rising, I had forgotten about it and went to walk and literally fell to my knees from the pain.  Even running a razor over my calf to shave my legs was painful.

This afternoon I remembered Just Relief.  Within minutes of applying the product, the pain was almost entirely gone. I could once again cross my legs without pain. I have now found one more use for this miraculous product. Thank you so much for Just Relief.

Heather H.

I have been a professional massage and bodywork therapist for years and I recently received a bottle of the Just Relief from Nancy.  My practice is primarily pain management and sports massage and, in the past, have used Biofreeze regularly in my practice.  Now that I have used the Just Relief, I won’t go back.  The viscosity of the product is perfect for massage.  The smell is more pleasant and the effects seem to last longer than the Biofreeze.  In particular, I would always have to put the Biofreeze on at the end of the session because if I tried to massage after applying it, it would peel up.  Just Relief doesn’t do that, it absorbs into the skin instead of just sitting on top.  I also have used this on clients with fibromyalgia and they were very impressed with the pain relief and I am going to start offering this product for purchase in my office!  I also used Just Relief at a post event sports massage at the MS 150 this weekend with positive results. I hope that you guys will start offering the product as a wipe or a sample packet so I can hand them out to the athletes at these events!  I love it!



So thrilled to hear that Just Relief will be made again. I have been guarding my last bottle with my life! This stuff is amazing. I have used it on all of my clients and have found it to be MUCH better than Biofreeze. It is amazing on bruises, and helps speed up recovery time on sprains



Thank you for introducing me to Just Relief!  When I got rear-ended in a car accident, I couldn’t believe the level of muscle tightness and soreness I experienced in my neck, after the accident.  You gave me a sample of Just Relief, and it relieved the tightness and soreness within a few minutes.  I love the sensation of tingling and warmness then transitioning to coolness. The combination of Just Relief and massage helped soothe and heal the muscles in my neck.

Your recommendation saved me weeks of pain and discomfort!


My job depends on my back being healthy. One day it was tight and achy.  I applied Just Relief all over my lower back area waist to waist. Within a few min there was relief and no more pain or tightness.

Yesterday it was painful to lift my arm. I again applied Just Relief to my shoulder area and top of my arm. Within a few minutes That achy pain was gone and I could continue to work. I love the fact that in 15 to 20 minutes the clean aroma had dissipated.

I will absolutely purchase as soon as possible and give a gift to all my family and friends with both sizes available. It’s just simple and fast results that I like and a healthy product.

Chris W.

For physical therapists who have been die-hard Biofreeze lovers, I would like to enlighten you regarding Just Relief.  In the past when performing soft tissue/deep tissue work on patients, I wanted more than just a lubricating lotion to use on patients, but something that also would give them extra pain relief.  Biofreeze was available back then but I did not like having to remove the lotion in the event that I wanted to finish the treatment with some moist heat or moist heat/electrical stimulation combination.  Biofreeze states to not wrap or apply with a heating device.  With Just Relief, you can wrap the body part or even apply heat over the area without fear of a burn.  This allowed me to maximize my soft tissue treatment and modality treatments with my patients safely.  Now, I am not saying that Biofreeze is a bad product, it’s not.  I still have patients that love Biofreeze, but now I have an alternative product to offer them.

The Just Relief has MSM, Emu oil and Aloe herbal extract in it as well as menthol and more.  The menthol aroma fades quickly so when you enter a room, no one can tell you have the lotion on but you.    So, if you feel like you want to try an alternative, give Just Relief a try…. you may just love it.