Lucky, Sr.

We have a 23 years old German shepherd that was given to my son when he was 4 and is now my son is 27. Lucky is a family member we all love. Age was taking its toll on him. He had no energy, he was horribly arthritic, and he stopped greeting us at the kitchen door when he heard the garage door rise. He also has seizures regularly which his veterinarian told us would probably take him from us eventually.

I met Nancy Seymour one day and she suggested trying her pet supplement in his food. It was a supplement meant to fight the inflammation that was causing him pain. It was so easy to use and he actually liked the taste!

I ran into Nancy a few months later and I was thrilled to tell her Lucky was a different dog. He was jogging on the golf course each morning with our son, he regularly chased squirrels, and he out played the year and a half Shi Tzu next door. We also found that he bounded to greet us each day at the kitchen door with renewed energy. The best gift though, is that Lucky has not had a seizure once since being on the supplement.

However long we have left with Lucky, we will know that his quality of life has been improved and this is a joy for us to see. I highly recommend this supplement!


Lucky was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her front leg and vets suggested two months to live without chemo or an extra month or two with it. I decided to give her your supplement. Her energy rose, she played, engaged with the family, and was clearly happy.  She has been this way 17 months now. Thank you so much for your help, care, and product.


I hope that your business is going well. Lucky died Feb 8th after her long battle with her osteosarcoma. She had stopped eating the weekend of Jan 30th, and started spitting out her pain medicine. It was a hard decision but I ended up taking her to the pet emergency clinic about a mile from our home here in Durham and had her euthanized. The staff there were unbelievably kind and she had a peaceful death and I was with her.

I’ve started my puppy Charlie on the supplement and plan to be a loyal customer forever! Thanks for all your help with Lucky as we definitely got extra time with her because of you! Strangely, we had put in adoption papers at the animal shelter for Charlie (he’s about 8-9 months old) the weekend Lucky stopped eating and he came home with us the day before she died. I like to think she wanted it that way so we wouldn’t miss her so much.

I took some beautiful pictures of her that weekend; it was warm and sunny and she spent a lot of time outdoors. I’ll try to figure out how to email some of them to you.

Hope your business is going well. I plan to be a loyal customer forever! Thanks for all you helped us with for Lucky-we definitely got extra time with her because of you!


My 12-year-old dog, Emmy, is whipping cancer. She’s transformed over the last four weeks. Here’s how we’re doing it.

After a kidney cancer diagnosis (Tubular adenocarcinoma of the kidney), and a less than one year survival prognosis — if we removed the kidney and followed with chemo — we decided to fight it with science and nutrition. The goal, no suffering, and good, happy days for as long as possible. So far, we’re winning.

At diagnosis (4/12/16), Emmy had periodic vomiting, very little appetite, and lethargy. She was losing weight, was disengaged and mostly wanted to be alone, which is very unusual for my girl. I knew she didn’t feel good. Was she leaving? My first goal was to see if I could get her eating again.

The day after diagnosis I changed her diet from Simple Formula Wellness dog food (which I believe to be a high-quality food) to an all-human diet plus Nancy’s Superfood Pet Supplement. We started with scrambled eggs cooked in a tiny bit of coconut oil. She went for it.

My friend and animal healer, Nancy Seymour, inventor of the superfood supplement I’m using, is using her years of nutrition experience and guiding me every step of the way.

Her appetite immediately improved, but she was losing weight, down to 52 pounds. So, we increased the carbs. I alternated oatmeal and brown rice at meals, always sweet potatoes, plus a small amount of protein. A snack can be cottage cheese mixed with canned pumpkin. Peanut butter on mashed banana. I make Greek yogurt blueberry pops as a superfood treat. We limit the protein to no more than 20% of her diet so we don’t tax the kidneys. Anything that isn’t processed (meaning — you can see it in her poop!), I put in the blender. Easier to eat, easier for her body to digest. Every nutrient of the food is used by her system.

To be clear, this isn’t a table scraps diet. It’s a low salt, good oils (coconut and olive), good fats, good carbs and a controlled amount of protein. It took me about a week to get the hang of it.

Our results so far: She’s jumping up and down when it’s time to eat. She rolls around in the backyard. We walk 2-3 times a day.

That doesn’t look like a dog that’s dying to me. The cancer is still there, but she isn’t suffering. She’s happy, engaged and making the most of every day.

It makes me think, if we can transform a dog with cancer in just a few weeks using whole foods and nutritional supplementation, shouldn’t we be considering that option for people in the same predicament?

Nancy, you have been such a gift to her and us for all these years. We are so grateful for you


Vet visit update: Dr. Wages: “When I saw you were coming in for a bump on her gum, I thought what?! This dog is a miracle. She should’ve been dead a long time ago. She looks great. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. I don’t believe she is in any pain. She looks like an old dog; she doesn’t look like an old dog with cancer.” You should’ve seen Emmy dancing around, smiling, so chipper this morning!

Holiday update: Check out our video of Emmy enjoying Christmas!

Update: Emmy is now 13, who last April gave up eating and connecting with family. Shows what a great owner can go with nutrition coaching and supplement. Still going and going. (Renal cancer tumor now the size of an orange).  

Link video of Emmy in red coat

Read more about Emmy’s story here!


When he was 10 years old, Blaze was diagnosed with advanced cancer of the nose and given 3-6 months to live. The cancer had spread to the bone between his nasal cavities and to the bone separating his nasal cavity from his brain. 


At the beginning of the fifth month after diagnosis, Blaze is still very energetic.  He loves to go for walks every night and can be hard to keep up with.  He still absolutely loves his meals, and his coat is still shinier than it has ever been. It is amazing to me that after this much time, he still feels so good and has so much energy. I feel that Nancy’s Superfoods Supplement has extended Blaze’s life and has certainly given him a better quality of life for his remaining time. It has also allowed us to enjoy a very beloved dog for longer than we would have been able to otherwise.


Vets gave 60 days to live, see remarkable joyful journey to 7 more months:

This is a compilation of emails from Rinnie’s owners who I met frequently to work with them on buying Rinnie quality, happy, time with her family. Permission was given by the owners to share Rinnie’s journey to give other pet owners hope. – Nancy Seymour

DAY 17 on supplement:


Today is Day 37 since her surgery and Day 17 on your supplements.  Still on bottle one.  She seems long recovered from the surgery itself and presently shows no signs of the hemangiosarcoma, which is a blood vessel cancer, though she does have one small nodule on her leg that we noticed for the first time on Mother’s Day. She is high energy, taking long walks, running, playing with her toys, chasing birds, squirrels, etc., joyful and seems normal in every way. She is eating well and is usually very eager for the next meal.  No problems with acceptance of the supplement over/in her food–not having to pill-pocket as I thought we may. She looks beautiful and has her pre-surgery/pre-illness spark about her. So far, so good. 

Halfway through 2nd jar of supplement:

I was thinking about you earlier today. We are approaching half way on the second supplement bottle. I appreciated your earlier email and this one too. You are kind in checking up on us. Emotionally we are level now and not freaking out about Rinnie’s diagnosis. We’ve come to the conclusion that none of us has the guarantee of tomorrow, so just enjoy this day and hope for the best. We truly are enjoying her and each other. Rinnie is doing remarkably well. She seems very normal and energetic. Nothing seems wrong at all with her. I know I’m not supposed to be counting the days, but day 53 after the surgery is today and it seems that one lump on her rear leg/stomach area is the only change I have noticed at all and it seems stable, no changes in it.  She’s happy as can be. Just playful, joyful, her sweet and active self. My daughter bought me a little fold up water bowl to take on our walks that works great. We are making her come in more during the heat and keeping us all cool. Your tips are all good and appreciated. And yes, we love the Furminator too. Appreciate you, Nancy. Thanks again for being such a kind person.

5-month mark:

Hi Nancy,

Rinnie is doing well. It will be five months on Wednesday, Sept. 14th that she has survived. I have a senior physical scheduled with her Vet on Monday. She has had no problems whatsoever, eats well, plays, is active, just a delightful happy little friend. We are still on the product and will stay on it. I will be interested to see what the Vet has to say about Rinnie on Monday, as she and the Oncologist had said Rinnie’s life  expectancy was two months without Chemo and about four months with and it will be five months Wednesday. While our Vet did say all this, she did say that the hemangiosarcoma was so aggressive that if she lived twelve months, it would mean they got it early enough to have gotten it all, which is very, very rare. I was reading your ingredient list on the jar.  You must have worked your bottom off on that supplement ingredient list. Wow! So informative. I will go back to her vet in December when Rinnie needs her next required booster.  Since these immunizations depress immunity, we didn’t want to give it to Rinnie early.  While she was very happy that Rinnie had made it to five months without chemo given that the Oncologist had projected two months without chemo; she wasn’t doing cartwheels, and didn't seem as optimistic as we are at all.  She said the two months was an average, some less, some more. She said that even if cancer had not spread before Rinnie’s surgery, and was confined to the spleen and the spleen tumor, even if one or two or three cells alone were left in the blood, they would potentially grow and spread, as this is very aggressive stuff.  She said that if Rinnie went two years, she might think they had it all and no cells were left, which would be unlikely.  Vet said they had this greyhound on supplements such as these and that nutrition would surely help and keep doing it for Rinnie, but most likely it is genetic and will show up at some point.

61/2- month mark:


She is having more frequent interspersed good and bad days. Yesterday was bad but today good. Loving every day with her. Six and a half months now. Thanks so much for asking. Hope all is well with you.

7-month mark:

Hi Nancy,

She saw the vet on Monday. Had lost a little weight and breathing was heavier. Vet thinks cancer is progressing. Had a seizure on Friday. Lost legs for a short while but regained. Last week and this week could hardly keep any food down. Throwing up many times. Refused most food. Was pitiful. Refused supplement in anything, even roast beef. We discontinued the supplement, tramadol, nausea medication and just made sure she has water and food out at all times. Thought we were losing her but yesterday and today have been beautiful. She is clear-eyed, spunky, happy and eating a tiny bit, so up and down. 

Rinnie passes a few days later:

We did get your beautiful card and appreciate your sentiment, your concern for us. This week is better than last. This week we have gotten past our sorrow, pain so deep that we feared dying ourselves of broken hearts. It is easier, but not easy yet. She was our canine child. She will always be with us. Thank you for your product and buying time with our Rinnie and for your constant care and attention to help her and us. We strongly believe you bought us precious and quality time with her. You may use these letters to give other pet owners hope at what great nutrition can do under the worst of conditions.


Tippy was diagnosed with lymphoma on June 25 and given Elspar as an initial treatment.  She did not respond well.  Her breathing was labored, and she was miserable for about 3-4 days.  Her suffering showed me that we could not put her through a full chemo regimen, even though I was greedy for more time with my girl. Without chemo, her prognosis was 1-2 months, or 2-4 months on prednisone only.  

I decided to explore alternative therapies with my vet to see what else could be done.  Tippy is taking prednisone, 2 Chinese herbal medicines, power mushrooms, and your supplement (which I started on July 3).  She is receiving acupuncture as well. Based on your feedback, I have also started preparing all of Tippy's food.  I am cooking lots of organic veggies and lean meats with bone broth in the slow cooker and pureeing the combination.

Prior to starting your supplement and implementing a whole food diet, Tippy was struggling with diarrhea and continuing to drink lots of water.  Our vet deferred starting the second herbal supplement for 3 weeks to give time for her diarrhea to resolve.  However, with the changes (your supplement and whole food diet), the digestive issues resolved over the weekend, and I started the second Chinese herbal supplement 2 weeks early.

Within one week of initiating the supplement (and other changes), I have observed that she is breathing and sleeping better.  She is no longer guzzling water (which was one of our first signs something was wrong); she still has accidents in the house.  We have to take her out quite a bit, but that's okay.  Her eyes are bright, and her personality seems so much happier.  She does nosework, and this weekend she felt well enough to do 3 fun searches at home!  She has not had the energy or focus to be able to do that for over a month.

I am so hopeful that we will beat the 2-4 month prediction.  At a minimum, the quality of her life and well-being have improved significantly in 1 week.

Hope this helps others!


Follow up on Tippy:

Yes!  They all love the supplement . Tippy gained some weight she had lost from cancer, had energy, and had a great attitude to the very end.  We definitely had quality time together with your supplement. Thank you for your kindness always checking in with us. 

After Tippy’s cancer, I am really focusing on prevention for my others! See my newest family member, Fiona, now on your supplement. Thank you, Nancy.