When it comes to ‘Golden Girls’ who live on their own, the hardest thing to do is to get hands and legs to wake up and move in the morning.  “Just Relief” is like having the physical therapist live with them.  It gives them independence and relief and security to go on and be as “Golden” as they want.


I wanted to say a huge thanks for introducing me to “Just Relief”. I have suffered with osteoarthritis for over 30 years now and for several past years it has mainly settled in my knees. I do need replacement in both, but keep prolonging to avoid surgery.

I never believed there could be anything better than Biofreeze but, “Just Relief” is a far superior product and I have tried most everything on the market. A good night’s rest is vital when you are over 60 and working 10 hours plus a day, so again…. thanks, from the bottom of my heart.


I am an onsite manager and my job is physically demanding. My hip and thigh have screws and pins, which are constant sources of pain. Being a skeptic and having unsuccessfully tried countless products, I consented to try one more rub.

I found to my surprise that I am now sleeping through the night and my typical, daily aspirin consumption of 20-24 is reduced to less than 6. I will be forever grateful and tell all my friends about Just Relief.  It really works!