Shelly L.

Hurry up and manufacture it. We would buy it on autofill monthly. It stopped my headache in about 10 minutes. They usually last HOURS.


Thanks again so much for the Just Relief. I used it for my migraine relief—it really works!

Like you said I began applying immediately at the onset of my trigger responses. I applied to my forehead, temples, under eyes on cheekbones and back of my neck. I also rubbed a small amount in my hands, cupped them over my nose and inhaled 5-6 deep breaths. I’d repeat every couple hours and it was amazing. I could often go to sleep which always helps migraines.

I’ve also used JR a few times when I knew I’d get a bad bruise Immediately applying. It helped a lot with the pain! Also, I never got a bruise, which was pretty amazing and what you said at immediate application.

Thank you for a great product to use on everyday issues.


Having children under the age of 5, the hardest thing to do is to give your children aspirin for headaches.  “Just Relief” not only made it fun, but a relief for their headache.  It’s a kid’s best friend.


I had a horrible migraine the other weekend. I usually take a prescription for them, but on rare occasions when I have a really bad migraine it still won’t help me at all. The medicine I take is really strong and you’re not supposed to take more than two tablets in a 24 hr. period. I had taken 3 within 32 hrs. and still had no relief. I was vomiting and in tears from the pain, when I remembered I still had some of the sample you had given us. At this point I was *desperate* to try anything! I slathered it on my neck, temples and forehead and amazingly within 15 minutes I felt like I was back among the world of the living! I could actually function again and my nausea was gone! The next Tuesday I shared my experience with Dr. Brown and the rest of my group.

Thanks for giving us these samples, it’s so wonderful to be able to stand behind a product with 100% confidence in its abilities.