I wanted to tell you about an amazing experience that I had using your supplement. I have been using it with my Chihuahua Evie since last year. Evie has a very nervous disposition which was exacerbated when I fostered a little Chihuahua named Skipper. I decided to try the product with her to see if it would help with her anxiety and overall disposition.  I got great results and found that she became energized and even wanted to play with me for the first time in years!  She gained her spunk back and I started seeing her personality that I had fallen in love with many years ago. That was enough for me to become a believer and I use the product now twice a day.


Nancy. I took Lizzie in for her senior wellness checkup. The vet could not believe how well she was doing. No muscles loss in her hips and from arthritis. Her blood work was perfect. Vet was amazed and said just keep doing what I am doing which is your supplement twice a day!!!!

Rocket and Max

Rocket and Max are my two best friends and have been on Nancy’s supplement for almost two years now. I adopted them both over 13 years ago from two different high kill shelters. Rocket was a year old and Max was 6 months old at the time I adopted them.

Although they are both seniors that are graying considerably and losing their hearing, etc., they are still active happy boys. I have always fed them high quality diets and provided the best care possible for both of them. Your Superfoods Supplement has been an added blessing, as they both love it and seem to be thriving on it. We can still walk a mile, although Max takes a few breaks. Rocket still lives up to his name zooming around.

As you know, Rocket had a fast-growing cancerous tumor removed 1-1/2 years ago. This is the kind that historically always returns … I chose not to put him through the rigors of chemo at his age and thankfully the tumor never returned. 

Just a few months ago he went in for surgery again and this time he had 7 tumors removed.  Only one was cancerous, again the same kind as before only in a totally different location.  He bounced right back after this second surgery as well, and still no recurrence. 

I am convinced the Superfoods Supplement plays a big part in their continuing quality senior life.  Thank you so much.


Boomer is a 10 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. He seemed to be lethargic and had less energy.

After a few weeks on your supplement he had a happier mood about him and definitely more energy. My big boy is engaging more with our family and enjoying his outside time. Reordering two more large bags. Thank you.