Wendy M.

Just Relief! What an amazing product.  I am a very active 63-year-old female who has been exercising my whole life. I am a runner, lift weights 2X a week and do yoga. I have never found anything that will relieve muscle aches and soreness like Just Relief. My massage therapist had me try it and I quickly became a fan. My husband is now a user too! It’s the best Christmas Stocking Stuffer you can buy. Your active friends will thank you!


I haven’t been bothered with Charlie Horses in years—not since my pregnancy days. Last night I awoke in excruciating pain from a Charlie Horse. The pain eased enough for me to go back to sleep. This morning, upon rising, I had forgotten about it and went to walk and literally fell to my knees from the pain.  Even running a razor over my calf to shave my legs was painful.

This afternoon I remembered Just Relief.  Within minutes of applying the product, the pain was almost entirely gone. I could once again cross my legs without pain. I have now found one more use for this miraculous product. Thank you so much for Just Relief.


My dogs are doing very well on Nancy's Superfoods Supplement. Rowdy (3-year-old Male Golden Retriever) has improved significantly since getting on the Superfoods Supplement. I didn’t take pictures of him to begin with because he looked too bad (I didn’t want to remember him that way) with almost total loss of hair and “hot spots” on his back and tail.  He had literally chewed himself raw from a combination of fleas, anxiety and skin allergy. It was amazing how fast he went downhill after a week in just a week or so in the hot weather and flea onslaught.  He is now doing much better.

Before condition: Sad depressed miserable demeanor – very unlike his normal personality. He had raw meat and scabs where he had been chewing his tail, legs, back, and behind.  He had a very sick look, with congestion in his eyes.  He was losing weight rapidly and had frequent diarrhea.

The treatment: I started adding the Superfoods Supplement per your instruction to his meals twice a day and worked up to full dosage.  I also took strong measures against the fleas by cutting his hair (very splotchy anyway), treating him with external flea shampoo and powder, removing old bedding and replacing with new, and treating the house and yard for fleas.  I also started keeping him inside during the hot weather except to take him out for exercise and his “personal business”.

The result: we started to see improvement in his skin and coat within the first few days. Though I considered taking him to the vet for cortisone shots for his skin allergy, I refrained to see how the Superfoods Supplement would help. His hair started growing back thick and healthier looking.  After the first week the “cold” (drainage) in his eyes had been cleared up and he was acting much livelier and like his old self.  He continued to improve in appearance, mood, and general health. I am convinced that the Superfoods Supplement played a significant part of his overall improvement.

As an aside, I was concerned at first whether he would like the taste of the Superfoods Supplement. As it turned out he loved it. I always had trouble getting him and Michelle (Shepherd mix) to eat dry dog food. Just their measured amount twice a day in meals and stirred apparently made it a lot tastier – as they readily ate with the Superfoods Supplement on there.



Your new supplement is a game changer. Here’s my lab, Conrad . Exhausted and happy. Needs a bath yet look at his coat shine. Your supplement!


Pooh is our precious rescue 14 ½ yr old Yorkie, who is our child. She developed a collapsing trachea and coughed constantly. It was so severe that my husband, who works and I had to sleep in separate rooms because Pooh’s coughing, was so severe. Pooh’s veterinarian finally began to discuss putting her down because her heart and lungs were so taxed.

A friend begged me to get the product. She told me that they were seeing many good results on a variety of health conditions. I was desperate and didn’t want to give up on Pooh, so I called. They said that they had never had someone call about a collapsing trachea but if it was due to inflammation, there was hope. They rushed the order and I received the product the next day!

I immediately began the product that day at the twice daily recommendation. I called Nancy the next Thursday to tell her the good news. Our Pooh had slept for two nights and as I spoke to her on the phone, Pooh was outside running and playing in the sunshine.

Thank you for bringing the joy back to our family and helping our Pooh.


I just want to thank you for giving me a year and a half of life with my Scout. A year and a half that you made possible and I was told she wouldn’t have. I remember the day I called you and told you it was an emergency and that my scout was failing and I didn’t know what to do. I’d just been told she had Cushing’s and I was devastated. She wasn’t motivated to do anything. I wanted to give her a miracle. You overnighted your superfood supplement and from then on it was part of her regular diet. She started to perk up and gradually she became active again. So active that she showed no signs of Cushing’s.  Until the end. It’s so hard to write this because my heart is still broken. I had an extra year and a half of memories because you were so kind and knew just what to do. You were with us all of that time. You cheered during the good times and cried with me when it wasn’t so good. You gave us a natural way to live longer. I can’t thank you enough for your love of my Scout and your sharing of Natural Solutions. Thank You. It’s not how much we give but how much we put love into giving (MT)... your love is in the giving.

Right up to the end she was so happy. Crazy corgis steal your heart.

Tank and Gypsy

They are doing well! They LOVE your supplement. Gypsy has put on a little weight (thank goodness). She’s been eating a lot better. Tank is doing well too! No stiffness from his arthritis. Both of their coats are soooo shiny and minimal shedding! 

Well another thing is their breath no longer smells like death! Haha! Before the supplement, it was awful. Also, before Tank had a lot of stiffness from his arthritis and just looked like he moved with a good deal of pain. Now he’s doing zoomies in the back yard, playing more with Gypsy, and jumping on and off the couch again.