My marmalade kitty KO (short for kitty orange) is 10 years old. He severely pulled a muscle in his right front leg when he got freaked out by a stranger coming to visit. He tried to bolt upstairs and got his front claws hooked in the rug on the stairs- which freaked him out even more. I could see that he was definitely going to pull some muscles. He is a rescue and very shy with new people. He was limping severely on his right front leg for a couple of weeks. I was using flower essences to help with his healing, but the leg was clearly still painful. I started him on Nancy’s supplement and even though the initial doses were small, I could see immediate improvement in the severity of the limping. Within a few days, the limp was entirely gone and KO has been doing well ever since.


Our cat, Jazz, is 15 years old. She has been suffering from kidney failure for the past year – her kidneys were operating at only 25%. She has been lethargic, not eating well, and drinking lots of water. We started her on your nutritional supplement about a month ago and noticed that she has become more energetic and her appetite has also really greatly improved.

Further, she was at the vet and they ran her tests again to check on the progression of her kidney function. The vet called us while we were on vacation to tell us that her kidney function was much improved.


I wanted to let you know about the results Tashi has had since I started giving her your supplement.

I started giving Tashi a 1/2 teaspoon of the mixture every day. I had concerns about her hair loss on the sides of her torso. Her energy was a little low in spite of her new busy little brother Tucker, who is only a year and a half.

She did not like that amount, so I cut it back to a 1/4 teaspoon every other day. Tashi has always been a small cat 8-10 lbs, so the smaller dose was more compatible with her size.

Over a period of three months, all of her hair has returned. She is more playful with Tucker and appears much younger than her 14 years. Although she has always been a healthy indoor cat, the hair loss indicated she was missing something in her diet.

The supplement definitely helped, in addition to her organic cat food.


It’s been about a year since our cats went on Nancy’s formula. And, Hurray! This Spring, Bill, our black longhair did not go through the allergy-type dry skin, with fur clumps (which he would then pull out with his teeth) and unsightly coat result. Poor thing, he’s usually such a handsome dude. The problem would only last a few weeks, but who needs it!

Thank you

Quincey, Hope, and Lilly

My cats are all rescues and young and healthy. I began with my first kitty, a male orange and white tabby named Quincey) on the supplement after I rescued him from a local hotel where he was living. He was about 10 months old and will be 7 in July, 2016. I sprinkle it on his mostly dry grain free kibble with a small wet food topper. He inhales it. Hope, my rescue black and white tuxedo, will be 3 years old in August, 2016. He has been on the supplement for 2.5 years, and he readily eats it the same way as Quincey. Their coats are very shiny and healthy and full looking. They have energy to play after meals yet are calm in nature. They have never had a veterinarian illness and get their annual exams.

Lilly is my white kitty who was a rescue given to me by a foster. She had been declawed and escaped from her home or was dumped. Lilly is my extreme finicky eater. She came to me eating Friskies and Fancy Feast of which I would not tolerate that diet. After weaning her off that diet, she finally has found about 5 foods of grain free kibble she eats. I do best with her on wet food and just a pinch mixed in. I am trying a new process of gradually mixing it in her dry kibble. Her coat is clean and no matting and she also has had no illnesses. She will be 7 years old in July, 2016.

Knowing that younger, healthy pets should be the very ones to begin my supplement, I give them half serving size. I want to give them the opportunity for a great quality of life with vitality, a great coat, and lifelong wellness. I know as they approach 8-10 years, they will have great joint health and mobility. I also know the immune support of all of the superfoods will make an enormous difference to their quality of life.